March 2020 State of the Company:
Stay-at-home Order; new products now being offered; Progress to sustainability; MBE membership.

Nature’s Cure Natural Soil Fertility and CleanAir LawnCare will be affected by the stay at home mandate. In order to comply we will need to suspend all services. This shut down has hampered our ability to order supplies, receive supplies and equipment for this season as well as provide services. We are hopeful that once the order is lifted that our suppliers will be available to ship the orders and services can resume. Time sensitive services such as pre-emergent weed control and spring clean-up will be completed first.

We are happy to announce we now have a new option for chemical pre-emergent weed control that will allow for grass seed germination but not weed seeds. This is a game changer. Previous weed pre-emergent would not allow for new grass seed to germinate and is extremely toxic to aquatic life. What this means is we can now plant grass seed in the spring without the weed pressure we would otherwise expect and be gentler on the environment. Another exciting product is Black Beauty Grass Seed. This seed offers fast germination, dark green color, longer root system for drought tolerance and a waxy leaf blade that offers better fungus and disease control. We planted a test plot of the sun/shade mix last season and am happy to announce that it is holding up to all the hype. These products can be found at Mattawan Landscape Supply. We also now offer corn gluten, a natural weed pre-emergent. This product offers 10% nitrogen to your lawn or flower beds along with suppression of germination for weed and grass seeds. We have found that the timing of the application with weather conditions are critical for the effectiveness of this product and is better suited for use in flower and mulch beds rather than lawns.

We are making great progress in lowering our carbon footprint to ZERO. Watch our progress on our web site And follow us on Facebook. Along with our battery-powered Mean Green commercial mower, the equivalent of a loud, polluting 18-horse gas powered mower, we will also be using 80-volt battery powered push mowers, blowers, string- trimmers, hedge clippers, cement edger, bed cultivator, pole saw, 17”chain saw and snow thrower, all made by GreenWorks. If you are looking to replace any of your gas powered equipment please consider purchasing sustainable, non-polluting and QUIET equipment.

We are also investing in an electric pumping system for our Nature’s Cure Natural Soil Fertility spray truck. This will eliminate the loud, polluting, gas engine when applying your compost tea applications. Another exciting product we are introducing is granular organic fertilizer from GroGanix. You will see this option on your proposals along with recommendations for best results when maintaining a natural lawn.

We recognize the Covid19 outbreak has changed many dynamics in our personal lives from how we interact to financing. With this in mind, we have started a membership with MBE -Michigan Business Exchange. This will allow us to barter for services instead of you paying out of pocket. For more information please follow the link.
Let’s all stay healthy and help those in need.

Brian, Jane & Sadie