Lawn Care Service Discriptions:

Aeration: Mechanical Core Aeration in the spring or fall will pull out plugs of turf and soil and deposit them back onto the lawn where they will quickly break down redistributing and enhancing the microbial life in the soil. The holes provide space to ease compaction and make more room for air and water to get to the roots of your lawn.

Bed Redefining: This is special tools that will re-fresh the natural edge around your mulch beds and landscaping. I highly recommend having this done before putting down mulch.

Bed Weeding & Maintenance: Weeding, dead heading, pruning, installation and removal.

Soil Fertility (Compost Tea soil fertility) is the elixir of life. It is the liquid form of leaf and worm compost. It now contains billions of microbes, nematodes, fungi, bacteria, all needed to have a viable soil web. This is how Mother Nature intended our lawns and plants to get their nutrients through the biology in our soil, NOT from man-made chemicals that destroy the microbes in our soils.

Top Dressing: Leaf compost is spread throughout your lawn or garden to contribute to greater growth. Top dressing is applied on lawns at no more the ½ inch thick. This provides the soil with the microbes needed for a healthy lawn. When top dressing gardens we will typically go a bit heavier. The compost should then be watered or tilled into the garden.

Consultation: We will be happy to meet with you to look over and discuss your particular situation. Typically a fee is assessed for a any consult since landscape designs, plans and plant selections accompany this service. However, the consultation fee will be credited to a contracted project upon its completion.

Lawn Leveling: Tired of your ankle twisting bumpy uneven lawn? Smoothing out your lawn is accomplished much the same way as compost top dressing works. The main differences are that we would use a high quality blended top soil, and we would need to use more depending on how rough and your expectations.

Mowing: QUIET, Non-Polluting, Proven, Sustainable, Battery Powered Equipment, Mowing service includes, string trimming and clearing debris from hard surfaces including decks, patios, walks and driveway. All mowing services are provided on an as needed basis, not necessarily on a scheduled day of the week.

Mulching Beds: Prior to mulching, the beds will be weeded and cleared of debris, previous material will be cultivated before applying new material. Bulk or bagged.

Over-seeding: Seeding can be performed anytime. Fall still seem to be the preferred time. There is less heat and weed pressure and the watering is less critical. A premium seed mix chosen for you lawn will be applied at a rate of 4 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. Did you know a grass plant only lives for 6 weeks.

Trimming and Pruning: We offer seasonal as well as dormant and corrective pruning for those shrubs that have out grown their space. I also offer ornamental tree pruning as well as fruit tree, bush and vine pruning.

Soil Testing and recommendations: Soil testing is critical. Several tests are completed (CEC or LaMotte and the Saturated Paste) these will give us the information we need to obtain the required results. Annual soil tests taken verify the health of the soil and quantify the improvement. We cannot use another laboratories soil testing results. If you choose to take and submit the sample yourself please follow this link to Crop Services International, CleanAir LawnCare works exclusively with CSI on sampling and recommendations, Please use the following link to learn more about soil structure,

Weeding: Weeds are a sign that there is something wrong with the soil. Natural weed abatement and control is accomplished primarily by having a healthy thick lawn. This will choke out most undesirable plants. The other options are to manually weed the lawn or a solution of vinegar, salt, dish soap can be individually applied. Honey bees and butterflies love dandelions. Let them flower to make food for the pollinators, pick or mow the heads just before they go to seed

Yard Cleanup: Call early to schedule, typical spring (or fall) clean-up including cleaning up the lawn and beds of debris and dead plant material from the previous season.