Natural Soil Fertility using Nature’s Cure Compost Tea

We know that Mother Nature has a system that recycles nutrients and develops deep soil structure. Using chemical fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides like Round-UP, Broadleaf Weed Killer, and insecticides kills the microbes in the soil biology web in our lawns and gardens. Microbes (protozoa, nematodes, fungi and bacteria) are the building blocks needed to have a viable soil web that will naturally give your lawn and plants what they need when they want it.

Therefore, when we provide the necessary building blocks for Mother Nature, (restoring the microbial life in the soil web using compost tea), we can help make your yard and garden a beautiful thing again…without ANY danger to children or pets or the environment from toxic fertilizers or weed control. Yes, you can FINALLY get off the never-ending treadmill of using chemical fertilizers and other harsh, poisonous harmful toxins on your lawn and plants. You can help your environment and have a lush landscape NATURALLY. Contact us today to get you started Naturally.

So what is this magic elixir? It’s Compost Tea!

What is Compost Tea?

Don’t let the name fool you! it doesn’t stink and you don’t drink it! Compost Tea has been called “A concentrate of life.” It is billions and billions of microbes needed to have a viable soil web (seen left)—that is applied in a liquid form. In other words, it’s a liquid form of leaf compost and worm castings.   It’s all natural soil biology, proven by science, (Elaine Ingham, Soil Food Web). It’s a nontoxic, sustainable, cost-effective method for re-installing the natural microbial life back into your soil that chemical fertilizers and weed killers have removed. Our compost tea is made of a blend of 3 types of compost Morgan’s Dairy Doo and worm castings (aka worm poop) and aged leaf compost from KLS – Kalamazoo Landscape Supply,

Both are excellent biological promoters.” Compost Tea can be applied to lawns, flower beds, seedlings, vegetable gardens, trees, and crops as a foliar application or as a soil drench. Nature’s Cure Compost Tea returns the microbial life back into the soil that chemical fertilizers and pesticides have removed. You cannot use too much or apply too often! Using Nature’s Cure Compost Tea will allow the locked up nutrients to become available for your lawns, gardens, and landscaping. This is how Mother Nature intended to fertilize the earth—through the biology in our soil; NOT from man-made chemicals that destroys the soil web, and present a health risk to our children, pets, wildlife and the environment. In other words OUR WORLD.

Sustainable and natural soil fertility is possible!

If you’re in the Kalamazoo County area, and would like to see the wonders natural weed control and fertilization can bring to YOUR yard, let Nature’s Cure apply Compost Tea to your yard and garden this growing season to see your own results.

To learn more or get an estimate for natural soil fertility, please give us a call or leave us a message on our contact form.

To learn more about the soil web visit Dr. Elaine Ingham or learn about soil testing and soil amendments from our partners at Crop Services International: Our supplier of leaf compost is KLS Kalamazoo Landscape Supply (