Nature’s Cure

Soil Fertility Specialists For Lawns & Gardens

Giving you great looking lawns. Better and tastier crops, NATURALLY. You no longer need to use chemicals and fertilizers that are damaging and toxic to our environment, children, and pets.

Natural & Organic Soil Fertility

Our Fertility Specialists offer:


Removing plugs of soil relieves compaction allowing room for air, water and nutrients to surround plant roots. 

Over Seeding

Aeration along with over-seeding encourages new growth in your lawn and landscaping throughout the growing season.

Soil Fertility

We inoculate your soil with billions of living microbes, fungi and bacteria ready to jump start the soil web…a COMPOST TEA.

Top Dressing

Adds organic amendments improving soil characteristics and the resistance to drought and other stresses.

Weed Control

Corn gluten is a natural pre-emergent used to prevent weed sprouting with the benefit of adding nitrogen to the soil.

Nature's Cure Advantage

Compost Tea will:

  • Help garden plants and lawn grasses out-compete weeds.
  • Help loosen compacted soil.
  • Help trees and vines produce more fruits and flowers.
  • Help gardens produce richer foods.
  • Help counteract toxic effects of pesticides and herbicides.

Nature's Cure Produces

Compost Tea releases essential microbes, bacteria and fungi, into the soil which together make nutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium) more soluble and readily available for absorption by plant roots.

About Compost Tea

Mother Nature Approved, Proven by Science, Sustainable, Natural/Organic, Cost Effective, Non Toxic for OUR Children, OUR Pets and OUR Environment. You cannot use compost tea too much or too often on your lawn, plants and gardens.

Compost tea is a liquid probiotic for your soil. Just like a person taking a probiotic for their digestive system. We are putting back the microbial life in your soil that has been lost by the use of chemical fertilizers and toxic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides.  Our maybe you just have dead soil, that is what we call dirt.   

If it ends in (cides) you don’t want to use it!!!

 We start with a blend of 3 different composts to get the most bio diversity, We use aged leaf compost that has been lab tested and verified to meet our requirements. We then add mycorrhiza by using naturally decaying wood chips and leaves.  This blend contains the building blocks for a great soil that will no longer be dependent on the unsustainable 4 step chemical fertilizing program with weed KILLER.

What if an alternative fertility solution could make your lawn and garden:


Free of toxins

Free of weeds

Produce higher yields

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Nature’s Cure

A natural soil fertility solution for plant and lawn sustainability. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides only provide relief to a perpetual problem. For a long term solution to soil health and plant growth, you need a cure (Nature’s Cure).