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We have been in the lawn and landscape business in Kalamazoo for 20 years. We are dedicated to giving excellent service at a fair price. We use natural or organic products for fertilizing and weed control through our Nature’s Cure soil fertility operations. We use QUIET non-polluting lawn equipment in our Lawn Care maintenance services. We always enjoy meeting new people and sharing knowledge. And, thank you for taking some time to see what we do and how we are making an effort to keep your family, pets and the environment free from sources of pollution while doing it. We encourage you to view our business pages and contact us if you have any questions about our services.

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Lawn & Fertility Services


More than mowing, we proudly use battery operated equipment to reduce sources of pollution.


Our abatement service includes manual removal and all nautral applications for long term control.

Trimming & Pruning

Pruning prevents overgrowth of shrubs and trees. We also services fruit trees and vines.

Yard Cleanup

Removal of dead plant matter and debris from lawn and gardens due to seasonal changes.


Plugs of soil are removed in order to provide air to plant roots and stimulate microbial activity.

Soil Fertility

We offer several natural fertility solutions to add essential nutrients to the soil structure. 

Top Dressing

Adding a spread of leaf compost over lawns provides them essential nutrients.

Over Seeding

Adding new seed regularly to existing lawns provides continual growth and support.

Beyond Lawn Maintenance

Our services are not limited to just lawn maintenance. We also assist with light tree removal and all of your patio and landscaping projects. During the winter, you’ll see us in your neighborhood with our battery operated snow removal equipment. Please give us a call to see how we can assist you with your outdoor home maintenance.


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Let’s create a greener paradise together…

We provide lawn and soil fertility solutions without the use of man-made chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. In support for a healthy environment, we promote and encourage natural biological processes and the use of non-petroleum equipment in our maintenance services.